Worlds smallest spreadsheet

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

I'm tragic at keeping cash expenses, the original shoebox of receipts I add up once a year is plainly not efficient. So, I present The Worlds Smallest Spreadsheetâ„¢:

TFL,08/05/2017,7.10,Travel to Victoria
TFL,09/05/2017,7.10,Travel to Kings Cross
TFL,25/05/2018,7.20,Travel to London Bridge
The Bull,25/05/2018,24.80,Lunch with Agent
The Bohemia,26/05/2018,39.05,Drinks with Directors

Save that as a CSV, then to get a total run this:

awk -F',' '{sum+=$3} END {print sum}' May-2018.csv

Once I've done a few months I'll write a script to run though the months and create a tally. I'm happy, the accountant is happy, and the shoebox can go in the bin. Before you @ me, no, I don't wanna run Numbers or a spreadsheet app, I nearly always have BBEdit open to massage copy/type, and I can access a text editor on my phone via dropbox. Sorted.