Winter is coming

Couldn't resist. Although we won't have long to wait to hopefully see some more Joffery slapping action. Anyway, I was fooling around with last.fm and noticed my top tracks for the winter made for a playlist that goes like it's damned:

  1. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
  2. No Church in the Wild - Make It Out Alive
  3. She's a Pass - Dredd Soundtrack (Paul Leonard-Morgan)
  4. Running - Jesse Ware
  5. Everything Before - Deadmau5
  6. Ritual Union- Little Dragon
  7. Failbait (feat Cypress Hill) - Deadmau5
  8. 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)- Azealia Banks
  9. I Remember- Culture Shock
  10. Pirate Hooker- Zomboy
  11. Electric - Rude Kid
  12. 26 Basslines - Benga
  13. Higher Ground - TNGHT