The making of the Maybot

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017

The Guardians sketch writer John Crace coined the term Maybot and does a good job chronicling the rise and fall of May - it's a year since Cameron resigned.

Not that anyone appeared to have told the Maybot the election result. Either that or she was trapped in the first phase of election grief: denial. There had been no election. She hadn’t blown a 20-point lead in the opinion polls in just over seven weeks. She hadn’t just run the worst campaign in living memory. She hadn’t published a manifesto that had needed to be pulped before the ink was dry. Everything was normal. Nothing had happened. She was still the Supreme Leader. All was well.

The Maybot’s punishment would be to remain as prime minister. In just a year, the Maybot had imploded entirely. It had come to this – from being lauded as the saviour of the Conservative party to begging Labour for some policy ideas. A year in which her true mediocrity had been exposed.