Shots fired by Nick Cohen

Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

Nick Cohen writing for the Guardian totally loses his chill about Corbyn:

Next year, as austerity grinds on, as we crash out of the EU to find ourselves with Donald Trump as our last ally, they will run candidates against Corbyn and ask for your support. That will be the moment when you need to look at your country and ask whether this was what you wanted when you first cheered “Jeremy” on.

In my respectful opinion, your only honourable response will be to stop being a fucking fool by changing your fucking mind.

It's hard to argue, although it's no fault of Corbyns our parliamentary system requires a viable opposition.

One senior Labour figure told me he thought Corbyn was endangering British democracy. It depends on the opposition being a government-in-waiting. Labour looks now as if it will never be in government again. The 60% of the population who do not want Conservative rule are faced with Conservative rule without end, with the only pressure for change coming from an ever-more audacious right.