Going back to the polls

Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017

We're now on our second general election, after a second referendum in the space of two years. The right wing papers have sounded like like something from a dictatorship for a while now. This time going with crush the sabateours.

Paul Mason writing for the Guardian sums up the futility of this pretty well:

The Tories are already having to impose a pay cap on millions of public servants, amid falling real wages in the private sector. Targets are scrapped one by one as they are missed. Elderly care is on the brink of chaos, as providers flee the sector. More than 1 million people have been forced on to zero-hours contracts. And, crucially, the housing market has turned – even before the Bank is obliged to hike interest rates.

If you are young and reading this, go register to vote. They are coming for you.