Freehand klaxon!

Tuesday, 8 Sep 2015

Well happy with discovering this gem of an app. After many many years, finally a vector drawing app with Freehand like controls for vector handles. I'm soooooo happy. For £40. That's the same price as a single month of the Creative Cloud, and here's some of the things Affinity can do that Illustrator can't:

  1. Custom grids (isometric, obliques....)
  2. Did i mention the vector handles work like Freehand?
  3. Sessionless undos (undo past save states)
  4. Image slicing
  5. The save speed is CRAZY fast
  6. Hasn't crashed yet
  7. Opened a document 32000px wide and didn't tell me I couldn't (Illustrator caps out at 16383px, for no reason. At all)