Apple Music Predications

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015

Like anything Apple release - it's generated hyperbole, hate and hubris. Let's add to the mix!

  1. Worldwide discussion. 24/7. The connections and shared experience people will have is the genuine groundbreaking part of the product. Similar to blue message bias - it will become an unstated point of pity for those without.
  2. Mixtapes. These will be huge. If St Vincent's debut on the platform is anything to go by (it was so cute it was painful) this content will do well. Weirdly, I think tumblr with have something to do with it.
  3. Releasing albums. Slowly we should see the dimise of vapid repetitive interviews with an artist pushing a new album; instead, give the artist the reigns, introduce the album mixed with the songs that influenced them.
  4. UPDATE: Friday nights. London gets to kick off the weekend before handing over to LA, meaning that they can hold the tempo for longer. Stick someone who goes boom in the middle and it's a global party at the weekend.