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    People should not directly approach designers in the wild. Designers are rarely seen in their natural habitat and can therefore be unpredictable. It is much better to go through an agent, someone the designer knows and is less likely to attack unprovoked.

    My agent is called Katie Neill and she keeps me in check by feeding me chicken and burgers and jabbing me with a wooden stool.

    kneill@appleandink.com / 020 7993 8914

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  • About the site and burgers

    /lɛˈfuː/ Lifu's actual name is Leigh, and he is from Finchley, London. He did move away once in protest at the closing of the local Burger King; he returned years later.
    Apart from delicious burgers, he is also extremely fond of pooches, thunderstorms and drawing pretty curves. He has an intense dislike of Ketchup and mayonaise - particularly in a burger.


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