Illustration commisioned by NMCN
Ellen Pearce
I Have a use for you

Leigh Furby is a letterer, designer and pen for hire from North London. He has a fondness for dogs, Tottenham Hotspur, the colour pink and is a filthy liberal with a filthier turn of phrase.

The cards always look different when it's your turn to play them; loaded with subtly different possibilities.
Bohemia Halloween poster on coloured stock
Illustrations for Which? Reviews app
Printing proof of the Bohemia Halloween poster


Selected clients

John Lewis, Vodafone, NMCN, Pearsons, UNISON, London Zoo, MTV, Sky, Which?, EDF Energy, London Olympics 2012, Film Council, Secret Cinema, Digitonal, Blak Twang.

Commercial work

For long to medium term in house work please contact my agent, for short comissions feel free to contact me on twitter.

After I was domesticated in Finchley, I was allowed to roam the UK scrawling in stolen marker pens, I began attending a college in the north where they taught me to turn my curves on a computer whilst adjusting to the climate. Then I went to work for a BigCompany™ where I made big, complicated, and quite possibly, evil designs.

I now work as a pen for hire in London Town; splurging pink everywhere whilst drawing letters, illustrations, and making things to control glyphs and curves.

I saw a shaman to have the evil expunged.

Sample of some of the dresses and clothing drawn for John Lewis
Detail of London Town map
New logotype for Opposite Days. Reversed chisel with double lighting
New logotype for Opposite Days. Reversed chisel with double lighting
Logo for Opposite Days digital consultancy
Detail of corner pressing
Colby Brewery Beer illustrations
Freshly letterpressed invitations from Blush Printing in Wales


How to make a fountain pen

Fantastic transcription of an article from Scientific American (1879) on how fountain pens are manufactured. Comfortingly, not a lot has changed.

The nib is placed on a piece of pumice rock, which you can see the second worker holding. There are thin articulated gas pipes reaching out from the wall. At its end permanently burns a tiny flame, much smaller than the one on a cigarette lighter. The second worker holds the mouthpiece his hand and directs the flame towards the nib. When he blows into the pipe the flame forms a point and gets much hotter. Through adjusting the amount of air he blows he controls the temperature.)

French shop frontages

A look inside some of the Paris shop fronts, at the life going on behind them, will bring you closer to the vibrant pulse of the city.


Neon Communism

Made in North Korea bills itself as a rare glimpse into a graphic culture developed in isolation. But the relationship between domestic and international politics is more complex than it appears at first glance. You might come across cute...

English fuckeries

Most verbs stay basically the same in different grammatical roles. "Walk" looks like "walks" and "walked." But the word "be" looks nothing like the word "am," which looks nothing like the word "were." This unusual circumstance came to be...